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In 2013 in the UK, one in every 137 babies was either stillborn or died in the first 4 weeks of life

Here in N. Ireland, over 3 babies a week are stillborn or die in the first 4 weeks of life.

We support all bereaved parents who have lost their babies, before, during or shortly after birth.

Bereavement Information


Sands produces a series of support leaflets and booklets which are listed below.

At present these leaflets cannot be viewed or printed online. It is our hope that in the future all this support information will be downloadable and printable from this website. In the meantime, to place an order, please download an order form (publications_merchandise_form.pdf) or contact Sands head office.

Sands Head Office
28 Portland Place
Tel: 020 7436 7940
Fax:020 7436 3715

Leaflets and Booklets

Saying Goodbye to Your Baby

A booklet written to help parents and others to understand their feelings of grief after the death of a baby.

Support For You When Your Baby Dies

Outlines the support offered by Sands to bereaved parents and those caring for them.

About the Other Children

Explains how children may perceive the loss of their baby sibling and gives advice about what you can do to help them cope.

Mainly for Fathers

Gives information and support for recently bereaved fathers.

For Family and Friends, How you can help

Explains common reactions of bereaved parents and how you can help them in their time of grief.

The Loss of your Grandchild

For bereaved grandparents.

Sexual Problems Following a Stillbirth

A Sands Factsheet.

The Next Pregnancy: Guidance for Parents

Covers topics such as how soon to try again after your loss, being pregnant and when your new baby arrives.

For more information on Sands leaflets, please visit the Sands Online Shop and click on Support Literature.