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In 2013 in the UK, one in every 137 babies was either stillborn or died in the first 4 weeks of life

Here in N. Ireland, over 3 babies a week are stillborn or die in the first 4 weeks of life.

We support all bereaved parents who have lost their babies, before, during or shortly after birth.

Sands NI Garden Family Open Day

On Sunday 26th June, from 2pm the final awarness month event takes place with the official opening of the

SandsNI Garden at Kernan Cemetary

As well as the opening ceremony there will be a children's bouncy castle & light refreshments. There will also be an opportunity for parents to hand paint their baby's name onto a stone which can then be placed in the Garden, we hope to have smaller stones for children to paint in bright colours in memory of their Brother or Sister, these will also be placed in the Garden.

For more information about the Family Open Day contact Steven at the Regional Office 028 3839 2509