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In 2013 in the UK, one in every 137 babies was either stillborn or died in the first 4 weeks of life

Here in N. Ireland, over 3 babies a week are stillborn or die in the first 4 weeks of life.

We support all bereaved parents who have lost their babies, before, during or shortly after birth.



Please find listed below various other organisations who also may be able to give you the help and support that you need depending on your circumstances.

ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices) - Provides non-directive support and information to parents throughout the antenatal testing process and where there has been a diagnosis of fetal abnormality.

Association for Post-Natal Illness (APNI) - Network of telephone and postal volunteers who have suffered from post-natal illness. They can offer information, support and encouragement on a one-to-one basis.

Barnardo's - Advice on how to explain death to children and young people... and help them cope.

Compassionate Friends - Support and friendship for bereaved parents and their families.

Cruse Bereavement Care - Exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people and to enable anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss. The organisation provides counselling and support.

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust - Providing information and support to women who have had - or suspect they have - an ectopic pregnancy.

Isands (Infant Stillbirth and Neo-natal Death Society) - Based in Dublin with support groups throughout Ireland. A voluntary organisation which was formed in 1983 by a group of parents whose babies had either been born dead (stillbirth) or died shortly after birth (neo-natal death).

Genetic Interest Group (GIG) - Umbrella body for support groups working with those affected by specific genetic disorders.

Life - Charity offering information and advice on pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth and post-abortion counselling.

Miscarriage Association - Offers support and understanding from the perspective of having been through a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Millie's Campaign - Launched by Brenda Wilsher shortly after her grandchild Millie died. Brenda has raised awareness of the benefit entitlements available for bereaved parents and is pressing for improvements in benefits following the death of a baby. To read Brenda's story please go to the Maternity Rights Section under Practical Advice. Brenda can be contacted at:

Remember Our Child - provides a link between grieving parents, following the loss of a child, and relevant organisation which provide bereavement support.
Address - Piney Ridge, Knockbracken Healthcare Park,
Saintfield Road, Belfast, BT8 8BH.
Tel - 028 9079 7975

Tiny Life - (formerly known as NIMBA - N.Ireland Mother and Baby Action) - Offers support and advice to parents of premature, ill or disabled babies who need intensive or special care. Parents support network throughout N.Ireland.

Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) - Information and support for parents of multiples.

UK Sands - Sands is a UK-wide organisation with groups throughout the country. The UK website has additional support information and an online forum.

Working Families - Information on all aspects of maternity care and rights. Advice on benefits and maternity right at works.